5 Types Of Guys


Love them or hate them, there are 3,477,829,638 males in the world and I guess we have to put up with them. Thankfully they aren’t all the same, otherwise there would be no variety and all vanilla. They aren’t all bad, but then again they aren’t all good either. These are 5 types of guys:

Mr Fun Social Guy

Fun guy, always out with his friends, having lunch with his family: Life and soul of the party. Theres always a magnetic pull to this type of guy but really he’s just a attention seeking baby. If he’s ever left alone he’ll have a hissy fit. Kind of guy who will spontaneously book a flight to Vegas. Not for himself but to show off. Kinda internally lonely kind of guy (I know deep stuff).

2. Mr Artistic

Inspiration is everything to him. He’ll usually say things like ‘You’re my muse’ and write a three part album about the time you touched his hand. Over exaggeration? Maybe. But they do make great friends…FREE ENTERTAINMENT!

3. The Player

Sometimes I wonder if this guy even has a brain, because sometimes it seams he only thinks with his *cough*. He has plenty of girls numbers but doesn’t put them down by name but, by assets ‘need to say no more’. Even though he’s got a wink to die for.. Stay Away.

4. Mr Know It All

Yes, Kelly Clarkson! You’d think he’s graduated with high honours in Cambridge but really all he’s got is a BTEC in Sports. He’s the kind of guy who always likes to think he’s right and once you have a opinion he shuts it down and makes you feel so small. Best thing to do is put him in his place. Don’t worry nobody else likes him either. Give him a round of applause on your way out.

5. Mr Not Bothered

Now i’m gunna talk about this guy from a relationship point of view. This type of guy gets under my skin! ‘What do you want to do today?’ ‘Dont mind’ ‘Cinema? Shopping? Day out somewhere?’ ‘ Up to you’ ‘Fast and Furious 7 is on in cinema?’ ‘it’s up to you’. PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT JUST ME! Guys if your reading this take my advise….Be in charge! Make choices! Don’t be a wet sock!!

So those are some types of guys! If you would like me to do a part 2 let me know! Or a types of girls. Leave comments below on anything else you could add to these

As Always




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