6 Different Types Of People You Meet While Traveling!


Being by the pool or enjoying your drink in a local bar you always meet certain types of people at every destination that you go to, some good! Some…..well.

Doesn’t matter if you only see them for a couple of minutes or all holiday they will always be there! But the downside…you’re not going to like everyone.Travelling does tend to bring out some very unique people.

So heres my list to let you know we all have to deal with them too…it’s not just you. Or maybe it is you.

Madly, Magical, Moment….of Love Making

You know the couple who look like they just came out of ‘The Notebook’ but unfortunately you see them everywhere! All cuddled up on the plane, hugging in reception, snogging at the pool (I mean gosh come up for air!) , feeding each other in the restaurant, grinding against each other in the clubsI (Dirty…Dirty), and in the room next door they better be playing tennis! Don’t get me wrong I got nothing against love, I’m in love myself but gosh! At one point I think i’m watching the reenactment of 50 Shades Of Grey!

Flirtatious Father

You know, the creepy old guy thats old enough to be your dad or even granddad! You hear comments such as ‘You’re so tall you must be a model’ you know it gets old (just like him). ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ ‘What’s your Facebook?’ I’m surprised he knows what Facebook is since he looks like he remembers when TV got invented! Now, how to avoid him? Ask his age! and then say ‘Oh waw I remember my dad’s/ granddad’s/ uncle’s (insets age) birthday’ This puts them off immediately. Now go back dancing to your Single Ladies!

Holiday Horrors

Ahh the moaners (usually middle age or older) who complain about every single small detail! You see them in reception key card in hand complaining that they didn’t get clean towels in the last 15 minutes. But when you talk to them it gets much worse! It’s like they’ve been hit with the holiday curse! Every holiday they have been on has been terrible from the food, locals, service, weather! ‘Oh no the alps was much to cold!’……*blank face*.

Discovering Independence

The rich kids who try to blend in casually which some do successfully until you talk to them. With names such as Tippin and Jasper and flash a rolex on their wrist is bit of a give away. Sorry lads but you are not fooling anyone with your expensive rooms and daddy’s or should I say papas credit card. Usually they are on a gap year or a year long trip and cant help themselves but tell you about the stories of them meditating with monks, climbing behind waterfalls and moon parties in Thailand. Here I am feeling adventurous ordering a Sex on the Beach in a glass near the pool…

Speechless Speedos

The Greek Adonis….and he knows it! He struts around the pool knowing all eyes are on him winking and smiling and flirting with anything the breathes as he passes. Probably has a different girl in his room every night and you secretly despise him. But, when he smiles at you well…you slowly start reenacting a holiday romance in your head but you cant blame yourself it’s only a bit of eye candy. He probably has all the female staff and most of the girls around the pools numbers, not to mention 6 girlfriends back home. I wouldn’t worry.


We all know this group usually a stag party/ bachelor party. You see them everywhere around 12 of the dancing on the bar, shouting, owning the dance floor with a choreographed dance routine in all the clubs….kinda wish you could join them. But glad the next morning when you see them all crawl out to the pool at 10am sunglasses on, feeling like death but by 1 they are back on the shot games and a lot of cheekiness. My tip: Stick around them you will probably get a free drink! WARNING: you might get chatted up.

Hope you All Have A Great Day!

As Always




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