How to get over a Hangover

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It’s sunday morning and you don’t remember getting home!! You open your eyes and think ‘YES NO HANGOVER!’ then you roll over and WWE has take residence in your head and your stomachs feeling like a cement mixer. I’ve been there….not nice, but i’ve found ways to cure it and ease it so don’t worry help is on hand!

So here are some tips on what to do.


Once you feel it stay in bed for about an hour (if you got to work my prayers are with you, take an extra 5 minutes on me). Letting your body rest from all the ache because part of the headache is your body aching. Fact. And drink a glass of water before this, if you can.

2. Go spend a penny!

Now i know this is gross but yeah go to the bathroom. It gets the toxins out of your body that your body want to get rid of. Yeah… gross but just do it.

3. Splash!

Go for a nice shower which will ease your stomach and head, but if your that poorly that you just cannot face standing for that long either take a bath or splash your face with  warm water.

4. Suger

Now you need to eat! Bowl of fruit or something light but with sugar in it! Your body is low on sugar so you need to. If you feel like you cant keep anything down then take small slow bites and take your time or make a smoothie or juice if you have the facility. Have plenty of fluids with it! I cant stress this enough! And no coffee or caffeine it will make you feel worse.




Plan Bread

Hair of the dog does not work or help! DO NOT DO THIS! Instead have a virgin Bloody Mary so 3 ounces of tomato juice, 1/2 ounce lemon juice, dash of worcestershire sauce, celery salt, ground pepper, hot perter or tabasco sauce. I only recommend drinking this if your stomach isn’t that bad because if your feeling nauseous you wont be able to keep that down so stick to the above. Oh and if you smoke then take it easy people have told me it helps, other people say that it makes them feel worse my suggestion is not to go near them.

5. Take the pain away.

If the pain is unbearable or you need to go somewhere take some over the counter medication make sure to read the package and take the right dosage. I recommend paracetamol or Alka-Seltzer.

6. Stretch

Move a bit.Yoga, stretch in the living room or go for a walk to the shop. By moving you will be getting the blood pumping through your body and wont be feeling as sluggish, plus the fresh air and sun will make you feel better (if you can see the sun where you live! I live in wales and lets just say its rare)

7. Distract yourself

Either watch a film, try and pace yourself doing that essay thats due in tomorrow, distract yourself in work. Get your mind off it even if you have to sleep it off just remember to drink water! Oh and Disney is a great distraction!….Just saying.

8. Nausea

If the nausea is still there think about taking nausea tablets and vitamins it will work a treat. I know theres nothing worse! I feel for you.

9. Energy Drinks

Need to be somewhere then energy drinks actually help! Scientifically proven (smart kelsey) they hydrate your body and give you the sugars you need. So if your going out tonight while your buying the cans and wine get a few Lucozade sports while you’re at it.

10. Learn your lesson.

Not to sound like a Moany Mary but learn next time. We all want fun and go wild at times but always know your limit! And do not drive the next morning or day to be on the safe side! Its the bus for you my friends.

So I hope you all feel better soon, we all go there and if people say ‘ oh i don’t get hangovers’ just laugh in their face becuase everyone gets them even if they are only small. Now all you have to do is think back on the night before and how much fun you had….and try and fill in the blank spaces. Good luck!

*Disclaimer: I am no doctor or hangover special person. These are just tips and trick i’ve learnt personally or from others*

As Always




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