Top 10 Perks Of Being A Tall Girl!


Recently i’ve seen a lot of ‘perks of being a short girl’, ‘short girls are awesome’ types of posts all over Facebook and other social media. I mean i’m not disagreeing with it everyones awesome, but what about some love for us tall girls. I mean being a 6ft girl myself we have some of our own perks even if sometimes I do feel like the BFG! I mean I’m tired of trying to fit in by slouching and don’t get me started on high heels. ‘It must be so nice being tall’ ‘Waw I wish I was as tall as you’ ‘You should be proud of your height’. I hear this all the time from my parents,family, friends, strangers, customers. It’s taken me a while to accept my height but now i’m proud of it and if you’re a tall girl and you’re reading this. Be proud of your height! Heres my top 10 perks of being tall which will make you proud to be taller than other girls….and some guys!


The best perk of being a tall girl, long legs! Wearing short? No problem our legs go on forever. Wearing a jumpsuit? no need to worry about getting it tailored it falls perfectly on you! Maxi dresses are your bae and if you’re brave enough to wear heels your legs are going to look amazing! Need I say no more. (Oh and guys love long legs trust me!).

2. Eat McDonalds all day!

I am so grateful for being tall because I can eat just a little bit more than someone shorter than me and I can get away with it! Praise being tall and letting all the junk spread! Honestly if I was to shrink i’d be a bowling ball! Therefore i’m aiming to get taller so I can eat more! Food is Love, Food is life!

3. I Can Breathe!

Be it a pub or a club or concert you never have to worry about loosing your friends because you can probably see over the crowed. There is also more air up there! You’ve literally got your head in the clouds! Therefore you’re lucky you don’t need front row seats you just have to stand and your head pokes up from the rest of the crowed! Might be a bit embarrassing but it did save you 15 minutes of your life which you would have spent searching for your friends! Therefore being tall give you longer life! #fact!

4. You’re a goddess!

The amount of times people have come up to me and said ‘waw you are model height? Have you ever thought about it?’  We get called model materiel, beautiful, statuesque, much more mature! But saying that a guy did once call me big bird from sesame street….lets not speak of that again.


You get automatic dibs on the tallest guy! Usually the tallest is the most good looking so its win win! But be ready for the cheesy pick up lines! You have been warned! So you go enjoy your 6’5’’ guy and let your friends deal with the 5’1’’ guys.

6. Independence!

I’m sure it wasn’t just me! But being tall people automatically think you’re older than you are therefore you get treated more maturely and get treated like more of a adult! It has its pros and cons but I like being independent and taken more seriously therefore this is a win for me! Also when i ask people how old I am I usually get ’19-21’ then they have a fright when they find out I’m 18! Ahh the tall life!

7.Cuddly bear!

You are the cuddling pro! Since majority of people are shorter than you when they hug you their head nicely rest in your *cough* which is a nice cushion for them and because you are taller they feel more protected! But don’t give a hug if its some random guy you just met! Keep away! We all know why he wants a hug *eyebrow raise*

8.Knee High Socks!

Now going back to the legs reference, you can literally wear anything from knee high boots to knee high sock and you will look amazing! Praise long legs again! If you cant tell I love having long legs!

9.80 mph

You get to places much faster! Being tall obviously your limbs are longer therefore you take longer strides. Now my best friend she is 5’4’’ I think (sorry if im wrong) and when we walk all I hear is ‘slow down!’ when really i’m walking my normal speed! Therefore if were late to go somewhere we will get there much faster! #walklikeagiant

10. Unique

The amount of times i’ve heard guys say ‘id never date a tall girl’ ‘I’d be embarrassed to have a tall girlfriend’ it kind of creates an insecurity for most tall girls and have become a great concern of mine! But recently i’ve thought about it and thought! Theres nothing you can change about your height its something your stuck with so be it your short or tall you should accept yourself for who you are which is Unique! If a guy says ‘he cant date a tall girl’ tell them ‘I cant date a shallow guy’ because if he’s judging you on your height and not who you are as a person he’s not worth it. Trust me i’ve been there!

Be proud! Your heigh doesn’t define who you are!

As Always




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