Types Of People You Meet On A Night Out!


So I was thinking for a while what to write about and trying to gather inspiration. I’m off out tonight you know alcohol, dancing the usual and got it me thinking of the different types of people you meet on a night out some good….some bad.

So here are 10 types of people you meet on a night out!

Paparazzi Pals 

That one girl who takes photos of everything! Selfies of herself, friends, bar, her drink, everyone on the dance floor and asking random people if they want to take a selfie with her! At one point on the dance floor I think i’m watching the exorcism, the positions she makes to try to get herself and everything else in the picture!

2. Geordie Whore

Drink after drink, trying to chat up everything that moves! The typical look, V neck t-shirt, tango skin, jelled quiff or spikes! His vocabulary consists of ‘Banter, Mortal, Gash’. But to be honest he’s fun to watch trying to chat up girls and fail. Except if he does succeed and ends up looking like the film American Pie!

3. Honestly I’m Fine

You might think he’s Geordie Whore but don’t be fooled. He drinks like he hasn’t had a drop of water in weeks! But come 10pm he’s reached a brick wall! Falling everywhere, talking nonsense, cant keep himself up and spills his drink everywhere (does he realise I got this dress new for tonight!)

4.Mr Moves….Aside

Theres always one person who can’t dance to save their life. Break dancing looks like a seizure and grinding looks like he’s just done one in his pants! And if he’s grinding with a girl well…beaver mating season has come early. But if he’s having a good time let the boy have fun!

5. do I, Do I, DO I?

The most annoying out of them all! ‘Does this dress make me look fat?’ ‘Does my makeup look ok?’ ‘Are there any calories in vodka?’ and if her parting is out of place. GOD HELP US.

‘Do I look ok?’ ‘erm..eye liners a bit smudged’ ‘OMG MOVE’

‘Do I look ok?’ ‘yeah fine’ ‘ONLY FINE?’

Leave just leave. Don’t rain on my parade.

6. Lets talk about sex baby.

Again confused for Geordie Whore. He’s only out for one thing and I think we all know what that is! He’s making sexual jokes, chatting up one girl while holding round another and constantly surrounded by girls. But he always has one girl who’s his main target and he’s there watching his pray. Unfortunately 2/3 of the time he succeeds. (oh the shame)

7. Underagers

You know using their older brother/ sisters ID and only 2 months to go until they’re 18. How to spot them? It’s not hard, they look 12, cocky, annoying I mean just NO just NO! But don’t worry they wont mingle with anyone except their own group usually in fear of getting caught out.

8. Groupies

They’ve got their own group dance routine like mean girls just a bit more erotic. Modesty and dignity who needs that when you got a mini skirt and a cute guy behind you right? BLEUGH! The worst thing is they don’t even regret it the next morning, they praise it!

9. Middle Age Corner Guy

He’s part of the furniture! You see him in the corner pint of bitter in his hand…looking…judging. Doesn’t understand the ‘young generation’ and complains to anyone who speaks to him. Best to stay away.

10. There are actually nice guys?

I know I was shocked too! They don’t get to drunk, looks presentable, looks after you, doesn’t try to grind on you. He’s perfect! Gives you his number, he tells you to call him so you don’t have to wait for him to call. You wait the normal 2 days and call and arrange a date for next tuesday and you promise yourself to be good. Unfortunately this is rare or only happens to a friend of a friend of a friend.

I hope you all enjoyed it! If any of you can think of anymore let me know down in the comments.

See you all soon.

As Always




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