30 Facts About Me!




Hey Everyone! Since I have just restarted my blog I was thinking it would be a good idea for you all to get to know me better! So heres 30 facts about me! 

  1. I was supposed to be called either Roxanne or Glesni. Imagine …..
  2.  I’m a awkward pizza eater. First i have to take the toppings off either pepperoni or ham then i scrape the cheese and tomato sauce off then i eat the base, cheese then toppings. I know….strange.
  3. I can play 2 instruments guitar and piano and majority of it’s self taught.
  4. I have never fully dyed my hair in my life. I’ve only had highlights once for a wedding and dip dyed the ends of my hair pink and because I thought I was cool at 14.
  5. My Quote in life is ‘Be Open Minded, Have Courage and Be Kind’
  6. When I was younger I had 2 cinderella outfits the rags and the dress and I used to act out the whole story to my family. I feel so sorry for them.
  7. I cried when I first saw the Castle in Disney World Florida. I cried for a good hour along with my mother, my dad was a bit like ‘Chloe we’re going to Disney Land’.
  8. I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety from the age of 14-16. Now i’m anxiety free!
  9. When I was younger (4-6) I convinced myself I had magical powers and used to make ‘potions’ out of shampoo, conditioner and whatever else I could find in the bath and mix it in the jug my mother used to wash my hair.
  10. I cant imagine doing anything different with my life rather than performing it just doesn’t feel right.
  11. My favourite film is Forest Gump and anything Disney or Thriller. It gets me every time.
  12. I cry at Pocahontas (last scene with the goodbye wave and the music doesn’t help either… yeah i cry like a baby every time)
  13. I played Motormouth Maybelle in the school musical of Hairspray.
  14. I have 1 birthmark which is small hole on my left ear.
  15. I have broken my wrists 6 times (each) which make them a weak spot and I have also broken my tailbone once which was back in November.
  16. All in all since the age of 14 i’ve had 4 youtube channels and have put 5 videos up. I deleted 4 of them because people in school found out cringe! But there is one vlog which probably only has 10 views. And those are probably all from me.
  17. The sight of Barnacles makes me want to puke instantly (I don’t know why but it does).
  18. Although its cheesy Grease will always be my favourite musical (guilty)
  19. I’m one of them people i’ll either reply back to you in 2 seconds or 2 hours theres no in-between!
  20. I only have two vey close friends which I trust with my life. One lives next door back home in Wales and the other in England!
  21. I have 3 phobias 1) I have a phobia of vomit after having alcohol poisoning around new year! 2) I have a phobia of being left alone in the dark i’ve had this one since my childhood. 3) I have a phobia of people shorter than me lifting me up!
  22. My favourite colours are blue and white!
  23. I was born on the 17/07/97 at 00:01. My dads got worried since it was 777 and one minute into the day. At least it wasn’t 666.
  24. I have a love hate relationship with tea. If someone makes me one then i’ll have one but ill never make one for myself. Coffee is bae.
  25. I have a tattoo on my right ankle of a star which I got matching with my best friend Harry (the one from England) who has the exact same on his left ankle (we’re so sweet).
  26. When i’m bored or stressed or frustrated I shake my left leg.
  27. I don’t believe in societies perfect body, in my opinion your perfect body is how you want to see your body. To the best of it’s abilities which is happy and healthy.
  28. I have been and always will be scared of the future and whats to come.
  29. I had my first kiss at the age of 10 outside my garden gate (thankfully its taller than me and wooden so you cant see through it.)
  30. I have 1 childhood dream and 2 big dreams. One I have already done childhood one which was visit disney world, just got the other two to go. Never give up on your dreams!

So hope you all liked 30 facts about me!

As Always




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