What Not To Do On A First Date (Guys)


Hi Everyone!

I’ve been asked to do this blog post to see what girls expect on a date or what we would like.  Therefore, I thought I would share my knowledge with you of my pet peeves on a date!

 1. Where do you want to go? What time?

Nothing annoys me more than an indecisive guy. I don’t mind if he gives me options such as ‘Cinema or Dinner’. The reason a guy should plan the date is because it shows effort to the girl. If the girl asks ‘Where do you want to go and what time?’ the worst answer you could give her is ‘I don’t know’. To the girl it shows that you are not interested and aren’t putting any effort in. My advice, choose a place and a time and if she doesn’t like it or wants to do something else she will say. Trust me.

2. Don’t be late

If you learn anything from this blog post please learn this, NEVER BE LATE! There is nothing worse for me than waiting outside a restaurant all dressed up in my new dress and shoes at 8pm and the guy doesn’t show up until 8:20. We understand if your train got cancelled but otherwise no excuse. We feel uncomfortable! Standing outside having people look at us and having to act like were texting someone. Not fun. So my advice guys, leave 15-20 minutes earlier than you would. Just incase you hit traffic and it looks better if you’re there earlier.

3. It’s ok if she’s taller than you

The amount of dates I’ve been on that a guy has said ‘Waw your tall’ then at the end I get a text saying the height was the problem is unreal. Honestly I’m not insecure about my height it’s nothing to be ashamed of its genetics and I love it! But, it can be an insecurity. If the girl is taller than you. Do not comment on it! She knows she taller and she might be embarrassed by it, therefore my advice… best to not bring it up. But if you do not want to date her because of her height, don’t tell her that! Trust me it hurts.

4. Looking at other girls

It happens, and it’s horrible for us girls! To us if you look at other girls it shows you’re not serious! It’s uncomfortable and honestly makes the girl want to leave! So keep the eyes on the prize boys… your date!

5. Complain, jerk, boast

Course you can talk about your achievements and things that are going well! But never think you’re better than anyone else, that’s just some advice on life! Therefore, be kind to the waitress, door man and taxi driver. Show manners and don’t try and boast yourself in front of your date. For instance, I’m only a university student and a barmaid in the holidays and there is nothing worse than a guy saying ‘you wouldn’t understand you’re only a university student’ ‘how could you understand you’re only a drama student’. Rude!

6. Put the phone away

Not going to talk to much on this. Keep your attention on your date! Not Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, texting people. NO! Your date or again. Rude!

 7. Keep questions 1:1

I know us girls can talk and you’ve always been told to be a good listener but, try and do this bulletproof plan. She asks a question, you answer it and at the end ask her a question! For example:

Her: So where were you brought up?

You: I was brought up in …… with my ….. it was lovely/ great/ peaceful etc.. So how are you finding your job?


8. Don’t try and get her drunk and don’t get drunk

Nothing worse than being on a date and he is so drunk that he can’t walk or talk! You don’t really know what to do and the girl ends up booking you a taxi and you wake up the next day with WWE in your head and a text saying she doesn’t see it going any further. But flip it around don’t get her drunk either! It gives her the wrong impression of what you really want. Therefore, ask her what she would like to drink after she’s finished a glass always and don’t presume she always wants a glass of Merlot.

9. Talk about ex’s, or anyone you’ve slept with

We don’t want to know and honestly we already know since we’ve probably looked at your Facebook already and seen pictures of you and your ex in Madrid June 2015. To much? Probably. But you get the idea, we don’t want to know and it’s off putting.



So there you go my top 9 tips on what not to do on a date!


Let me know if you have any more ideas or questions in the comment box below!




As Always





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