The New Start

11973381466_9e0e6ba365_zI know I always say this at the start of a post recently but I am truly sorry for not writing as much as i would like too. But in my life for the past couple of months things have been a rollercoaster! From sorting out my next year of university to exams to my private life. But now everything has calmed down. My exams are over, next year is all set up and i’m at peace with my personal life.

Right now I am trying to work out a timetable for my blog and youtube for regular updates which I will start once I go home from university and the latest I will start Monday.

I’m ready for this new chapter in my life and it has come to me like a breath of fresh air! So, I am ready to go home and work and see my old friends and spend summer on the beach and just enjoy my freedom until I start my second year of university. I am ready to focus on myself and work on myself for a while since I’ve always believed in the quote ‘be open minded, have courage and be kind’ but recently i’ve strayed from it and been closed minded, weak and selfish. Therefore I am ready to just have this new start and work on myself in this new chapter before I start the next.

Sorry for the rant but I felt I owed you all and myself an explanation.

But just know i’m ok and I will be back before you know it. Therefore look out Monday because i’ll be back with a vengeance.

Hope you’re all happy and healthy.

As Always




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