Whats In My Travel Makeup Bag!


Hi everyone!

Since i’m doing my travel series which you can check out here!

Amazing Travel Series!

I thought what better to add to the series than whats in my travel makeup bag! I don’t wear a lot of makeup when I travel since I hate the feeling of heat and makeup on my face. But my makeup is still in the bag from when I came back from Wales and it doesn’t really change if i’m traveling abroad maybe just some waterproof mascara!

Now on with whats inside! Oh and I will link where you can get these products under each one! (Helpful Kels!)


Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Firstly foundation! I’m in love with Nars Sheer Glow! It’s medium coverage but you can build it! Therefore, I only apply it in small amounts and what I love most is that it doesn’t feel like cake on your face! Its smooth and silky and perfect and sets nicely. Perfect foundation for them hot days!

UK Link

US Link


Maybelline Cover Stick Thick

The reason I love this for travel so much is because its so small and great coverage! Now I suffer from really bad dark circles just on a daily basis! So, if im travelling or jet lagged I look like a racoon! This little stick is just a god sent! It is a bit on the heavy side but a little goes a long way on this! Trust me!

UK Link

US Link Closest one I could find!


Mineral Magic Powder

I got this powder for christmas and haven’t stopped using it! It has micro colour beads in it which helps towards your complexion and is a very light powder and sets your foundation perfectly and no cake!

UK Link

US Link


Barry M Brow Kit

This little palette is amazing! It comes with a small duo end brush with an angled brush on one side and a round brush on the other. It also comes to tweezers! Perfect for traveling! Now the reason I really like this product for travelling is because you have a cream brow filler and a powder one and on the end you have a powder brow highlighter! Everything you need for your brows is in this kit which makes it perfect for travel!

UK Link

US Link


Gosh Double Precision Mascara

This has been my go to mascara for a while! The formula is thickening and lengthening and it also has two brushes a thick one which I use for my upper lashes and then a smaller thinner one for my lower lashes! Perfect for travel!

UK Link

US Link


Benefit High Beam Highlighter

I only use this product while travelling if i’m going out for a meal or doing something nice in the evening, this product gives you such a great highlight it’s glowy and not glittery which I hate about most highlighters! Trust me on this! Do not wear it in the day since I find it can melt off in the heat but in the evening its perfect!

UK Link

US Link


L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt

This is my new favourite drugstore contour palette! It is a cream highlighter and bronzer but blends so beautifully and doesn’t crease! Perfect for traveling! With the bronzer a little goes a long way! But you need to build up the highlighter if you like glowy skin like I do!

UK Link

US Link


Hope you all enjoyed looking at whats inside my travel makeup bag! If you would like more extra travel posts to my series let me know in the comments below!

Hope you’re all having a great day!

As Always





7 thoughts on “Whats In My Travel Makeup Bag!

    1. I know! I saw it in Superdrug a while back with the collection and just thought I have to get it. I wasn’t expecting much since i’ve tired other drugstore cream contour kits but i love it so much! Thank you hun! x

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