Is London Loosing It’s Spark?



I have just recently returned to Wales and on the train home, I was reading an old Cosmo magazine. In this edition the editor spoke about how London is loosing it’s heartbeat. It stuck with me strangely. I have lived in London for 8 months and it’s a city that’s so alive and has so much to offer! But it doesn’t come cheap, I found this out the hard way.

I love London so much! Something different happens everyday and no two places are similar! One moment you can be in Bank, surrounded by suits and briefcases, then seven stops over on the tube is Camden when you have street pizza and street entertainment and a big edgy vibe. It’s this dynamic which makes it so wonderful! But going to such a vibrant, busy city comes costs. I remember in Freshers week and obviously we went to a club and back home a club only cost about £2 but to get into this club it was £10! My jaw just dropped! Once I got into the club I bought two drinks and got a £10 note out thinking it would only be about £6 I almost collapsed when I heard the bartender say £18! Now, in September I will be going into my second year of university and we have gotten a house and we live in zone 6 which is on the outskirts of London and the house is more expensive a year than my tuition fee! I would dread to try and get the same type of house in Central!

Ok rant over!

Now what struck with me most was the editor was speaking of how she started off as a writer living in a flat in central and could afford to go out to the bars and cafes in the morning to have coffee and have money left over at the end of the month. Now central is full of business men who only travel in and out of the city and the price of coffee in these snug cafes is more than a cocktail in my local pub back home. I was speaking to my mum about this yesterday. Since, in case you didn’t know she had a job transfer to London when she was 18 and lived there for about four years in Piccadilly back in 1984. She was reminiscing about working in the Hotel and all the things she did and how cheap they were and now it’s harder for young people to enjoy one of the best cities in the world since it is so expensive with streets full of people but very lonely.

This post might sound quite negative, but moving to London was honestly one of the best decisions I have done! It might have it’s flaws but it is still one of the greatest cities in the world and I cannot fault that. Course it has changed since the 80s and it might be more business based but it is a city of self discovery and mostly a city of dreams.

So,  what do you think, has London lost it’s spark?

As Always




2 thoughts on “Is London Loosing It’s Spark?

  1. I’ve Just come across this article and I must say I disagree, London may be becoming more expensive but I think it still has that vibe. I’m 22 and living in Reading so i’m constantly in and out of London and it still has that feeling that you just don’t get anywhere else. Anyway love the post you write really well (i’m studying journalism) – Myles


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