Are Backpacks Back In Style?



Everyone remembers them days back in secondary school! Having a brand new edgy backpack to show off to your friends at the start of every school year. But in my school backpacks were more than just something to hold your books. They were a statement to show how cool you were, if you had both straps on your shoulders means you’re a nerd and if you slung it over one shoulder it means you’re cool. I know its ridicules but being cool was a big thing back when I was 13.

I haven’t worn a backpack in about four years and i’ve been seeing them a lot in magazines and on catwalks. Which made me think, are the coming back in style? I mean you see some of these cool hipster types with the miniature backpacks and I always wish I could pull it off but i’m a bit of a country bumpkin.

So here are my top 6 favourite backpack right now!


  1. Asos Clean Curved Backpack £28: This design is so simple and one of them staple bags that will add to any outfit! I’m actually tempted to get this bag myself!
  2. Hiptipico Handmade Geometric Tapestry Backpack £78: This backpack is so out of my comfort zone but it is so beautiful! It has a big boho summer vibe which I love!

New Look

  1. White Zip Pocket Front Backpack £19.99: The detail on this backpack is so simple but beautiful! The black zip in contrast to the white body gives it the little edge is needs and its a perfect ‘city exploring’ backpack!


  1. Fold Over Backpack £28: This square backpack is perfect for the chic look! It’s high on the back but it a staple piece! Perfect on them work days!

River Island

  1. White laser cut backpack £26: The only reason I love this one is because it reminds me of one I had in school! White with long thin straps and gold detail! So girly and so cute!


  1. Backpack With Zip £35.99: This grey blue colour backpack is the sweetest thing i’ve seen its simple and sleek and perfect for summer! It has gold detail and three compartments! A must have essential!

These are all my favourite high street backpack this season and i’m obsessed! Let me know your favourite and if you would like me to do a designer backpack post?

So, what do you think, should we leave backpacks at school or bring them back?

Let me know!

Have a great Friday!


As Always




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