How To Organise For Exams

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to show you how to organise for your exams! I know, look at me being all adult! It is now the end of May and exams are coming up! Scary! If you’re doing your GCSE’s or doing your University summer exams right now you are probably surrounded by a pile of papers and stressed out, am I right?! Now these are my five top tips to get yourself organised and on track to do the best in your exams! Good Luck!

  1. Plan and Prosper:

Now, get yourself a planner or schedule or calendar or anything with dates and you can write on and note down the times you are going to revise. Try and get one with different sections in it such as a Mon- Sun layout in which you can write, note section, to-do list etc.. Therefore, you can be more structured and organised when it comes to studying.WERE SUCH ADULTS!

The one I recommend which I used during my exams and I have now purchased another one for my blogging and youtube is the Botanica Planner.(Ive linked the collection for you all because i’m here to spoil you!) I got mine from Wilkos and they are so good! It has a:

  • Planner Section (Mon-Sun)
  • Note Section
  • To-do Section
  • Event Section
  • Also includes plastic wallets either side of the planner!


2. Don’t Crash and Burn!

Now I used to do this, when I used to cram everything in before my exam! It’s been proven that if you cram everything in the day before or the week before you don’t remember it properly! Now my tip is to do your studying in 50 min – 2 hour sections. If you do 50 min have a 10 min break, if you do 2 hours have a 30 min break just make sure you don’t burn out! I know what its like to be reading something and it goes in and goes straight out again! WERE SUCH ADULTS!

3. Divide and Concur

When it comes to writing your notes for your exam make sure you put them in sections! Now this year in University I had four modules: Making Theatre Happen, Staging Histories, Actor and The Text and Culture and Performance. But in these modules I had sub context where I studied three  practitioners Joan Littlewood, Robert Lepage and Jacques Lecoq and I had a tab and sections for the introduction of the module then sections for each of the practitioners. See organisation! WERE SUCH ADULTS!

4. Write, Write, Write, Write, Write, Write!

Yes I know I am the new Welsh Rihanna! Now, I am an old Fashioned pen and paper type of person, I know I do have my blog and it is my platform but deep down I am a pen and paper person. Now this is a personal tip for what really worked for me and that is, write everything down! For me when you write things down your remember it better because you say the sentence in your head and writing it! Does that make sense or is it just me? So its more likely to stick! Then you can put then in their dividers! WERE SUCH ADULTS!

5. Where do we go now?

Now, where are you going to study? The best place for you to study is in a quiet and clean environment. So the best places is your university library if it has a quiet zone like mine or in your room. Make sure it’s clean! So, clean your room before and it will also help you get ready and in the mindset to get down and study. Now, your phone is going on airplane mode, laptop off, IPad off, TV turned down or muted. You will get more done without so many distractions! WERE SUCH ADULTS!


I hope this helped you guys to organise your study time!

Good luck in your exams and I wish you all the best!


Love you!

As Always




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