Hobbies for the summer- Part 1: Hiking

Summer is here!

Which means us university students pack up our stuff and go home to spend the summer with our families. But if you’re like me you’re in the countryside with only fields around to keep you entertained. So, being at home and not having McDonalds round the corner I had to find some new hobbies. This mini series will show you all the hobbies you can do over summer to keep you occupied!

Now, hiking!

I love hiking! Living in the countryside all my life and being around plenty of mountains i’ve always been an explorer! It’s a win win hobby! You exercise and you get to find little gems! I went today and went round my normal route which was passing the doctors then going along a path going halfway up a mountain. But today I found a pathway after a house and decided to be adventurous since I had time to kill. I found a stream, a farm, and an amazing view on a sunny day!

I know what your thinking, cant hiking be boring? Well its not boring for your body since you will be panting and stopped a bit to give your legs a rest but your mind, you can think about life which I like to do, or listen to mother nature and her beauty or what i’ve recently been doing is getting podcasts that around about an hour or an hour and half and just enjoying the walk! I have recently been loving Gary Van Warmerdam’s series Happiness through self awareness! Gives you plenty to think about on your walk!

Also, hiking is great if you want to get fit this summer! Today, I walked for an hour and a half and that was about four miles and I felt so good when I got home!

Here are some of the pictures of my hike today!




So is hiking for you? Or are you already a hiking fanatic?

Let me know in the comments

Love you all

As Always




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