How I Got The Motivation To Be Healthy

I know, by the title (well the way I read it) was a bit like. Woah, motivation to be healthy! Isn’t that insane! Then I thought about it, how we have so much junk and fast food, how people would prefer to sit in-front of the telly than go for a walk. That just blows my mind! As people we have to make an effort to be healthy, and look after the one and only body we have on this time on earth! But I never used to be healthy, I used to wake up and eat a sugary cereal or probably nothing, go to uni get a snack or chocolate bar between classes and my dinner consisted of pizza or takeaway. When it came to exercise I did none except for the warm ups in my physical drama classes which in the end I was out of breath and exhausted after doing only a 15 min warm-up.

But what woke me up you asked? I work in the Local pub/bar (whatever you lovelies prefer to call it) and I got chatting to the locals and they were all saying how their back hurt or knees hurt or health problems. Then one of the locals said something that woke me up and and got me a bit frightened ‘you only have one body in this life, only one body for your time on this earth, look after it, enjoy the energy you have while your young’.

So what did I do after?

Well, this is how i got the motivation to be healthy


I joined the gym

The next day I joined the gym and worked my way up. I never knew how unhealthy I was until then. People think of the gym as such a boring stressful place. But it really isn’t! The gym I am a member to has screens attached so you can watch TV while you run on the treadmill. I love it now! I always go am 10:30 am and watch This Morning on the treadmill for 30 min- hour then go on to weights. It’s such a friendly environment and everyone supports each other and there are all different age ranges from 18 (like me) to 60 year olds and you all chat and laugh. But when it gets to weights I like to be serious and really focus on my muscles I’m using.

Track Your Progess

Since I have started becoming really into the gym I now like to track my progress when it comes to weights and how long I do things for. I can hear you saying ‘Kels I can’t do much there wont be much to track’. When I started I only did 10 min on the treadmill before I felt I couldn’t go anymore, I could only do 5 abs pull ups, I could only do 10 kettle bell squats, to name a few. Now after tracking my progress I am doing 40 min on the treadmill, 25 abs pull ups and 50 kettle bell squats. The best feeling is when you walk out of that gym and you’ve done better that last time.


Cut out fizzy drinks

I used to love Lemonade and Diet Coke but after reading the ingredients it put me off a bit. After cutting them out I am less bloated, I don’t get that tired, I save money!

Don’t give in to temptation

I am constantly surrounded by temptation. Since living back home with my parents for the summer I am always surrounded by temptation. My parents don’t really live a very healthy lifestyle so right in front of me now theres diet coke cans, coffee cake, biscuits just to name a few. But I pass the cans and go for the tap for water, I grab behind the cake and get a handful of grapes, it’s all about being strong! I know you’re all so strong! When you see these junk foods think of the body you want and be strong.

It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle

Remember it’s a marathon not a race (see what I did there) so you can have a treat here and there! I mean I am a complete chocaholic, so on weekends I’ll have a few pieces of dark chocolate thats usually 80-90% coco, I’ll have it with my fruit teas, I’ll have a packet of crips here and there. Is that one packet of crisps on a friday night after 8 days of hard work at the gym and eating healthy going to affect me. No! What that man said also showed me I need to live life while I’m young!

So thats how I got the motivation to be healthy

If you would like me to go into detail about anything discussed here please let me know in the comments or drop me a message on my twitter – here!

Let me know down below what you do to be healthy!

As Always






3 thoughts on “How I Got The Motivation To Be Healthy

  1. Actualy legit love your blog and your youtube so much helpfull content on here ❤ Now all I need is to look as good as you and im set :/


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