5 Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

Now, let’s talk about 5 reasons to look forward to autumn! If you live in the UK like I do then we haven’t had much summer. It’s just been rain, rain, rain! Also, it’s starting to get darker earlier which means one thing: AUTUMN IS COMING!

I love Autumn and everything to do with it! But I know some of you out there do prefer the warmer months so I thought I’d plant this post here to remind you why Autumn is awesome.

Here are my 5 reasons to look forward to autumn:

  1. All The Colours!


This has to be the most colourful season! All the different colours on the trees and the colours in the sky at night when you’re in the garden with a tea, warm jumper, and fuzzy socks! The tones of red, orange and yellow on a pavement that’s gleaming and everything has such a cosy atmosphere as a golden morning sun rises and the mist settles on a new day.




Of course, we are all looking forward to Costa/ Starbuck’s autumn menu! Pumpkin spice lattes and Salted Caramel Mochas is the only thing that can get me up in the morning for a lecture! Just that first sip from the pumpkin spice latte just warms my tummy and is everything Autumn.



SDRandCo (87)

Halloween has to be one of my most favourite holidays! Halloween parties, haunted houses, trick or treating (you’re never too old) just the whole spirit of Halloween and I love horror films so it’s horror film season! Now go put on that wonder woman suit!


4. Jeans Season!


Throw away the razor! Jeans are back with their friend’s ankle boots and knee high boots! I love autumn fashion it can look so cute and sophisticated at the same time! Is it bad that I’ve already started buying my autumn closet…..


5. A bit of extra time


As the nights get darker and life gets comfier we get another extra hour in bed! Who doesn’t love more sleep! Or if you think like I do it’s an extra hour to watch Ab Fab!


I hope you’re all being as fabulous as ever!

Stay happy always!

As Always



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