How To Organize Your Desk

Organization is key to keeping a balanced and productive life, not only by using your planners but also in your surroundings.  I found if I keep my ‘active’ areas clean and organized such as my desk and wardrobe, I feel calmer and more productive.

Today I am going to be sharing with you my tips on how to keep an organized desk and use it to your full advantage. If you’re a student, full time blogger, office worker or just enjoy a organized desk, I hope these tips help.

  1. Paperwork

If you’re anything like me, I used to be terrible at organizing my paperwork. Anything from lecture notes, important documents, to personal notes. So I created a system for myself. I have a folder in which I keep all my loose papers from every lecture I have, I have a section for my second job and also have a personal section.


This folder keeps me in check. Everything I need is in there and in one place. I also have some magazine holders which you can get quite cheep and in a variety of colors. In everyone one I keep certain things.


In one I have my large A4 notebooks and booklets, in another I have all my core texts and books for this term/semester.


In the third I have all my loose papers that I need to sort out. In the last one I have my A5 notebook and my planner. Doing all this keeps everything together and easy to reach when I am working at my desk.

2. Use Sticky Notes.

On my desk I have a mini ‘Desk Tidy’ in which I keep stuff like loose change, spare memory cards and pins.


But, I mostly use it for my sticky notes. I use these to stick on my wall above my desk to remind myself of tasks that need to be done. It stops you from having scrap paper everywhere and once your done you can take that sticky note down and I like to put my finished one on my inspiration frame but you could also throw it in the bin and know that the job is done. This is a great method also to keep you motivated to get those sticky notes done and off the wall.



3. Have the right tools

Before I organized my desk I used to always be looking for a pen, paperclip, or ruler. In the end I bit the bullet and bought myself some pencil holders, paperclips and all the stationary I need.


So in the first holder I have just my regular black pens. You can get a big pack of these cheap at any stationary store.


I then have a cute rose gold holder for all my fine-liner and colorful pens for my bullet journal and university work.


Lastly I have another rose gold one just for random pens and highlighters.


I got these two cute paperclips from Primark for 90p each and they are adorable! So i use the pink ones for my personal notes or paperwork and the blue ones for my university and side job paperwork. Keeping everything together and in one place also makes your desk look cleaner and more inviting which brings me onto my last tip.

4. Make it look inviting

I love to add inspirational elements to my desk they make me feel more productive and positive when I go about doing my work.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 21.21.24.png

Firstly, I got this cute quote from Mia Felce. Every time I sit at my desk and think to myself ‘I can’t do this’ ‘I really don’t want to do this’ ‘I can’t do this uni project’. This quote instantly lifts my mood and kinda starts the ball rolling. This quote doesn’t make me want to prove other people wrong but to prove myself wrong that I can do anything I put my mind too. If you want to check out Mia’s shop click here.


Secondly, I got a bunch of flowers that sit on my desk and they just brighten up the desk and give it some freshness and makes the desk feel more inviting and comforting.


Those are my tips on How To Organize Your Desk, let me know in the comments below how you organize you desk or your deck essentials.

I will see you all next week with a brand new blog post.

Also make sure to check out my YouTube channel. I post new videos every Wednesday and a weekly vlog every Sunday. Make sure to check it out: 5 Habits to change your life

Have a great weekend.

As Always




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