How To Make Healthy Banana And Blueberry Pancakes.

New years resolutions are a thing of the past for some people. But, for me, I’m still clutching onto the straws of my ‘Get Healthy’ new years resolution. I’m sure majority of us have had some form of yogurt, granola and fruit concoction for breakfast. I’ve been there for the past four months. To be honest, I got quite bored of it and ended up hating breakfast or skipping it all together (Bad Kels). So, I searched around for other healthy breakfast options that wouldn’t break the bank and would be easy to make. Behold the Banana and blueberry pancakes were born. So, I’m here to make your breakfast time better and yummy. Now let’s get into it.

These measurements should make around 4-6 small pancakes.




  1. Peel your bananas and mash them up well.
  2.  Add two eggs and beat well into the bananas until a liquid consistency.no2
  3. Add in your oats and mix well until it’s a nice thick consistency almost like a batter.
  4. Add your blueberries and fold into the mixture.no3
  5. Get your frying pan nice and hot and add your coconut oil if you don’t have a non stick frying pan.
  6. Ladle your mixture into the frying pan and let cook for 30-35 second on each side (for small round pancakes).
  7. Once your pancakes are stacked, add blueberries on top.no4

Hope you all enjoy these pancakes as much as I have.

Make sure to leave a comment below of your favorite healthy breakfast recipes.

Have an amazing day!

As Always




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