Time To Start A New Chapter // Tips On How To Have A Fresh Start

This blog post has been a long time coming. Since February I had exams, performances and personal issues which took priority in my life. But, although I had a full calendar and never stopped I missed blogging and Youtube so much. After a lot of organizing and moving back to Wales for the summer I have finally decided to start fresh. So I thought my first blog post back should be a helpful blog post for everyone who also wants to start a fresh here are my topΒ 5 tips to start a new chapter.

Accept Things Change

A fresh start means you need to accept things change and you have changed. It’s ok to start over. Sometimes things change for the best, one door closes and another one opens. One way I look at it, the person I was last year is completely different to the person I am today, not only in life events but hobbies, interests, appearance. Embrace it, don’t fight it.

How To Have A Fresh Start


Take Risks

Do something out of your comfort zone which you’ve always wanted to do. It will give you the adrenaline rush to get you excited for the future. I have just recently applied for a job I have wanted for five years and finally bit the bullet and applied. The rush was euphoric and made me feel like I could do anything.


How To Have A Fresh Start


Look After Yourself

Be it you’re in a relationship or you just got out of one or have been single for a while. There is no excuse not to look after yourself. A wise woman once told me ‘you could have every person in the world by your side but when it comes to the end you only have yourself so you better enjoy your own company’ Therefore it is important to look after yourself mentally and physically. So, get rid of all them negative people who bring you down, look after your skin and wear SPF, be kind to yourself and most important, take time out for yourself.


How To Have A Fresh Start



Nothing says a fresh start better than a makeover, Either get yourself some new makeup, get a new haircut or splurge on some skincare. It’s always important to treat yourself. Changing your surroundings can also be a great makeover, changing your vanity or even something small such as changing your bedding covers. It shows a new start and brings positive vibes and change into your life.

How To Have A Fresh Start

Refer Back And Amend Goals

We all have goals, be it from a new year resolution or personal ones we develop throughout the year. When times change it’s good to look back and reflect, maybe amend some goals or focus on certain ones or add some more if you wish. It’s a fresh start, the world is your oyster.

I hope these tips helped, whatever you’re going through I wish you all the best and positive vibes to you all.

So I would like you all to raise your glasses, be it a cup of tea or a cheeky glass of wine and lets toast to a new start. Cheers.


As Always




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