An Open Letter To My High School Self…

Dear 14 year old Kelsey,

Right now you’re halfway through high school. If there was only one word I want you to take from all this is, Embrace.

Embrace your teens,

Embrace your individuality,

Embrace your talents.

An Open Letter To My High School Self...

Now going into my third year of university, or probably my last year of education. I can’t help but think of what you went through in school. Everything that happened seemed like the most important thing in the world. What people thought, what was cool etc.. But looking back, it doesn’t matter, those five years at school are only a smudge in comparison to everything else life has to offer. Just know that what’s happening in high school now will mean nothing in 5 years or even a year.

One thing I look back and regret is not saying yes to more opportunities. Don’t be afraid to shine, to follow your passions, to try different things. Mostly don’t be afraid of being you, let your personality shine. Don’t crawl into that shy shell, have an opinion, talk about how you feel, be the person you know you are. Since coming out of that shell, I feel 100% better for it.

Lastly, please enjoy your teenage years! Now that I’m 20 I look back on my young teen years and wish I would have done more. Those evenings where you would play the piano until early hours trying to perfect that one song which no one has heard to this day. To writing your own songs and just singing them when no ones home. Do more with your passions, play more music, do that YouTube channel and don’t ever be afraid of what people think, failure, and mostly your ability. You can do anything you put your mind too. As Dad has always told usΒ  ‘You’re a Day’. Love it and embrace it!

Make sure to love yourself and don’t stress to much about GCSE’S. Here’s a bit of a spoiler (You’re going to be just fine).

All my love

20 Year Old Kelsey




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