Stationery Haul //

It’s now that time of year, I just started back in Uni on Monday and thought I would show you all my stationery essentials and what I bought for this upcoming year. I got all my stationery from Wilko, I just think they have such cute stationary. So lets get on with the haul.


1. Notebooks

I’ve come up with a whole new system for my note this year. I have bought one large notebook to take to each class and take my rough notes. The I’ve gotten 4 A5 notebooks for each class to write my notes out neat and also write the PowerPoint slides next to what the lecturer has said. I hope this will be a great organizational way of keeping on track of everything.

2. Highlighters

A must have! Of course, to focus on important points.

3. Highlighter Tape

I will be using this in class to highlights point I feel will be important in my final notes.

4. Agenda

I got this 2017/2018 school agenda and has enough space to put down all my rehearsals and classes and any theatre company events happening. I do use my bullet journal for my personal to do lists. But this agenda will be constantly in my bag which I will then transfer any new dates into my bullet journal. Best of both worlds.

5. White Board

I saw this and instantly thought I had to get it. It has a weekly layout which I had on the wall next to my desk and I can just look up and see at a glance what I have going on that week. What deadlines need to be handed in etc..

6. Dry Erasers

I got the regular colors and also got the cute neon colorful ones which i think will be cute when I decide to start doodling and making it look more fun.

7. Pencil Case

I’ve never had a pencil case in the past two years. But, I always found myself short of a pen (go figure). So I’ve got my first pencil case in four years! I honestly feel so prepared and put together for this year. It’s just so cute!

8. Fineliners

I love these so much! I thought with my new notes routine, I would write down the PowerPoint in pen and what the lecturer said about the PowerPoint in a different colour. They are also great for making diagrams and also for writing quotes or sentences. Just great must have essentials for anyone’s stationery set.

9. Pens

Of course the obvious, I love these huge packs of basic pens. They are just great to pop into your pencil case and super cheap.

I hope you all enjoyed my stationery haul. Let me know what your stationery essentials are down in the comments below.

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