October Goals // Blogtober Day 1

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my first Blogtober Post! I’m so excited to be starting this series. I will be posting a new blog post every day for the month of October. So i thought I would start off this month with a post on my goals and what I hope to achieve. I hope you all enjoy my new goals for the month and hopefully it will inspire some of you with your goals.


1. Be More Present On Social Media

Recently, I’ve been lacking in the social media department. So, this month I’m hoping to focus on Twitter and Instagram and just see how having a good presence on these platforms can help with my blog. I’m not planning to schedule tweets or anything but to actually be present at all times.

2. Read For 30 Minutes a Day

I do try to make time to read 3-4 times a week, but I have no many books I want to read and with the weather getting more cosy, and starting university and being so stressed recently I think it would be nice to take 30 minutes out of my day to just relax into a book.

3. No TV Until I Finish Studying

I get distracted easily. You could ask anyone who knows me. Once I put the TV on I get sucked in and some studying which could take me an hour could double in time. So, I’ve decided to either play music in the background or just put something on I’ve seen before or the radio. But until it’s finished no new episodes.

4. Take More Care Of My Skin

Winter is coming (yes, i went there). Since I have dry skin, this weather doesn’t help. So I’m hoping to change up my skincare routine to something more hydrating and nourishing. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.

5. Expand My Photo Wall

On the wall behind my bed, I have tons of photos from my childhood up to the start of my second year. I’m hoping to print off the pictures I’d taken the last year to add to the wall. It’s one of my favourite features of my room, all the people I love are on that wall with a hundred memories.

6. Deep Clean My Room 2-3 Times A Week and Decorate

My room has now gotten to be a bit of a mess and things everywhere from when I moved back in. My clothes are in piles and my shelves are a mess, so if I set myself specific tasks throughout the week, by the end of the month everything should be looking better and then I can get some cute decorations.

7. Gym 4-5 Time A Week

Over the month of September my goals was to eat cleaner. So now to top that I want to start getting back into keeping fit. I’ve been getting quite cautious of my health recently and decided to take it more seriously.

Let me know down below what your October Goals are. I hope you all enjoyed the first post of Blogtober, make sure to come back for the rest of the month to keep up with Blogtober

As Always



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