How To Adult 101: Organisation // Blogtober Day 15

Everyone who knows me personally will know I’m an organisation freak. I think I would be a mess without it. It keeps me going. It’s important to keep on top of everything, especially if you’re a student. we have exams, deadline, lectures, readings, you name it. But, I do hope all these tips help everyone. I mean the days of leaving your toys everywhere are gone, it’s time to become an adult. We hope.

1. Write Everything Down


I used to think I could rely on my memory for a very long time. But, I used to always get times wrong, be late on deadlines. As you can tell it was a wreck. Now I have notebooks for everything, I have a to do list notebook, blog notebook, Uni lecture notebook, individual class notebook, creative notebook, house cleaning notebook. I know it seems a bit excessive, but it honestly works. You need to find the balance for you, maybe a project notebook with the dividers for different aspects you need to keep note of.

2. Have a Calendar and an Agenda.


I wish I could shout this from the rooftops! HAVE SOME FORM OR CALENDAR!! I have three. I have my agenda which I keep in my bag and it is a lifesaver. Having it in my bag I can let me people know when I’m actually free, and not guess and double book myself. On the wall next to my desk, I have a weekly overview calendar, every Sunday I look at my agenda and fill in any meetings, classes, rehearsals etc.. then around all that I will make time for blogging, me time etc.. Lastly, I have my google calendar which is great to check things up in the future, on my laptop and phone It’s a great backup if my agenda gets lost. So, I’m not telling you to all go do this, but getting yourself a little agenda or diary will save you so much.

3. Clear Out Regularly


Every week I have two days where I fully clean up my room, I hover, polish, do washing etc.. But one of those days I’ll plan some form of extra cleaning. For example, this last week it was my desk, I organised my notebooks since I was almost swimming in them. This next week is to organise my wardrobe and bring everything out on my rail for the new season. It’s so important you have by weekly clear outs, it saves junk building up in your room. My three thoughts when I pick something up are…

Do I need this?

  1. Yes, I will keep it in it’s spot
  2. Maybe, keep in my suitcase out of the way.
  3. No, Bin or donate.

Then monthly I go into that suitcase and get rid of everything I didn’t reach for.

4. Make Lists and Give Yourself Deadlines


This can be with goals, work or things needing to be done such as weekly shopping, cleaning. At the start of each week I write a list of things that need doing and give myself a deadline for them all and then find a way to do it in my agenda. Like I said, this can also go towards goals. I like to give myself deadlines, it makes me work harder to complete all the tasks on time and feel great when I tick them off.

Let me know down below, some of your organisation tips.

As Always





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