5 Successful Morning Habits // Blogtober Day 16

Who doesn’t want to be successful, I know I do, most people do. But, success is defined in different ways to other people. To some it’s having a family, others being a millionaire, or even just being happy. It isn’t all about working hard, it’s also about the lifestyle. One crucial aspect of a successful person’s life is how they start their day. So, I’m here to show you some insights. If you’re ready to be triumphant. Keep reading.


1. Wake Up Early & Have A Sleeping Routine.

Some of the world most powerful and successful people have revealed they usually get up 4-5am. This is still baffling to me! My current routine is:

Monday- Friday: 6:30am

Saturday: 9am

Sunday: 7am

As you can see on weekends I do wake up differently to weekdays, you’re probably wondering how I do that? My body is in a sleeping routine. My body can usually run on 7 hours sleep, so I try to get to bed around 11:30 weekdays and on weekends I can stay up between 12-2am. Your body is a machine, it needs a routine, this is how I see it. If you want to start waking up earlier, I suggest trying to get up 15 minutes earlier and keep turning your alarm back 15 minutes every two days but still going to bed the same time everyday.

2. Have 15-30 Minutes Of You Time

People usually wonder why I do wake up earlier instead of getting up 30 minutes before a lecture and rolling out of bed. It’s because I highly believe in having some me time. It depends on how I’m feeling some days, I will meditate, stretch, drink a glass of water, or if it’s a lovely day I’ll sit on the wall outside my window and just breathe in the fresh air of a new day. These are the days where I reflect, and remember to be thankful.

3. Write Your To Do List Into Time Frames

I always write my daily to do lists the night before and place it on my desk ready for me to sit down with my coffee and comb through it. In my bullet journal I then write things out by the hour and set out my day. If you do this, please make your hours realistic, don’t fully book yourself from 9am-11pm. It’s not going to happen. Remember to schedule in times to eat, have a break, breathe. That’s what keeps you going.

4. Early Bird Gets The Worm

We’ve all heard the term, but it’s true. Referring back to the last point, make the most tedious and the longest task your first, then it’s out of the way and you’ll have a lighter feeling to the day. This is why I truly believe in getting up early. Usually the biggest task is done by 9am which is just before lecture time. Perfect.

5. Eat, Get Dressed, and Kick Ass

Even if the night before was horrible, even if you cried yourself to sleep, even if you felt terrible about yourself. It’s a new day, so nourish your body, dress smart, put on that piece of clothing you’ve been wanting to wear for a while, wear that lipstick that’s a bit out there but makes you feel confident. Keep that mindset that you are the best and you can do anything.

So everyone, wake up, show up and kick ass.

The World Is Your Oyster

As Always





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