How I Plan My Week // Blogtober Day 18

As you all know from my previous couple of blog posts I have a clear obsession over organisation, over every aspect of my life. This blog post will be the final one of the blogtober series to speak about how I organizing my life. So lets get to the main aspect of my organisation.

1. Weekly Overview


On my agenda I write down any meetings, classes, work hours I have throughout the week. This way I can see everything at a glance. I got my agenda from Wilko, its a great weekly breakdown and enough room to write down your daily plans. I don’t use anything fancy for my agenda, just the simple pen.

2. Weekly To Do List


I have a notebook dedicated to my weekly to do list. I’ll write down everything that needs to be completed that week. From cleaning, studying, blog, work etc.. I usually put everything into their own columns titled.

University, Home, Blog, Other .

Here I use a different coloured pen for every column, you will find out why in the next point. I do like to give each of the tasks a deadline such as

Clean Bathroom: Thursday

Write Blogtober Day 23: Wednesday

Read Chapter 3: Friday

3. Day Page


This is where we get down to business! I have a notebook where I will plan out my entire day. I will half the page and down one side, I will write my day out hour by hour. On the other side, I have my to do list for the day. I used to have such a complicated daily planning routine. I find this one is so much simpler. From the last point I use the same colour pen from my weekly to do list in my daily page for each task. Then I can see if I’m focusing too much on one aspect than the other. I always write my daily page the night before, leave it on my desk and I can go to it the next morning and dissect it with my coffee.

4. Post It Notes


These are so soothing, in a weird way. There’s nothing better than taking down a post it note once a task is done. It’s just one of life’s many pleasures. On my notes I write all my biggest goals and tasks and reminders such as..

Finish Essay

Sort Out Wardrobe

Email XYZ Back

Book Appointment

I love it when I have no post it’s left at the end of the week!


Let me know in the comments below how you plan your week.

As Always




6 thoughts on “How I Plan My Week // Blogtober Day 18

  1. This is such a lovely post! I love discovering how people organise their life – it makes me feel motivated! Thanks for the tips – will try some of these out x


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