How To Cheer Yourself Up // Blogtober Day 19

We all get blue days. It’s a part of being a human and having emotions. I’ve been having quite a tough time and few blue days myself, thankfully I got myself out of it, I still have to try extra hard but I just tell myself something better is coming on the horizon. So, I thought I would write this post on what I do if I’m feeling down.

1. Take Yourself Off

Put your phone on airplane mode and disconnect for a while, I do this even when I’m not down, it’s good to get back to reality sometimes instead of constantly scrolling. Especially if you’re done seeing people on holiday, drinks on a night out etc.. It won’t help and it will make you feel even worse. One thing I found from feeling down was the people who actually brought the negative impact onto my life. In the end I just clicked that unfriend button. So take yourself out of everything, put your phone on airplane more and just breathe.

2. Have Fun Yourself

You need to learn to have fun by yourself because you’re not going to be around people all of the time. Find your hobbies or do something you love. For me, when I feel down I feel better by being productive rather than sit around watching TV, for some people sitting around watching TV relaxes them and makes them feel better. It’s all about personal taste. But nothing cheers me up more than snuggling up with a good Tudor History book.

3. Inspire Yourself

I sometimes feel low because I feel like I’m not doing as well as I should or feel like a bit of a failure. I’m not going to sugar coat it, we all feel this way at times. Usually when I feel this way I like to watch motivational speeches. Read autobiographies, my Amazon Alexa has an Inspire me skill which she plays motivating speeches. Watch or do something that inspires you!

4. Relax, Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Just breathe. Sit down and just sink it all in and don’t over think things just think of it rationally. It’s for the best, life happens, let life take its course, fate will lead the way. Whatever you believe in,just know that this is a storm leading to the calmer waters. I suggest thinking of this over a nice cup of tea, I personally like camomile it’s so relaxing, maybe put some music on, cry if you want there’s no shame in that, just let it all sink in and think rationally about the next step, just keep moving forward and know it’s a journey.

Hope you are all well and I hope you are feeling great and not blue, if you are, just know it isn’t the end of the world and I’m only a tweet away.

As Always




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